As you climb the stairs from Puerto Banus and Cool Britannia, a dominant thumping bass plays in the distance triumphantly vanquishing the sound waves from below. You are greeted by two doors, one red one white, and soon realise the memorising bass is leaking from the white door. With this knowledge you enter the white door and a plume of smoke surrounds your ankles, welcoming you into Svenska our very own piece of Swedish House music Culture in Chester.

A chilled white frosting covers the room amplifying the strobe lights and smoke machines effects. Soon enough you come to grips with the rooms layout with a bar on each side, but your eyes will be constantly drawn to the bow of this ship, where a mysterious orange glow, shrouded in smoke, ominously glides from side to side just above eye level. Upon further inspection you soon realise this glow is emitting from the pyrotechnics attached to the bottles of our lucky VIPS who are waited on all night. The VIP booths are raised ever so slightly above the dance floor laying witness to the spectacular combination of fresh new music, soul illuminating effects and taste satisfying drinks – spoiling your senses rotten.

We can accommodate anything from an intimate table for two to the whole room to hire for your event.


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