Roll the Dice Game


Roll The Dice is a relatively new game we play alongside our Friday night Double Money deal. Our street team head out with the dice to roll and the board of COMPLIMENTARY prizes.

Roll the Dice with us and see what you’ve won! We write your prizes out and you come down to the club to CLAIM! Sounds like heaven right? Prizes range from complimentary table and bubbly (6+ guests), a selfie with Mr. M to be uploaded to the official Cruise Snapchat, to FREE ADMISSION FOR 3 WHOLE MONTHS! What more could you ask for?!

We’ve had many great reviews from this simple game, mostly people in shock at winning incredible prizes ALL FOR FREE! Our ‘Buy 2 glasses of wine & get the rest of the bottle FREE’ prize seems to be or most enjoyed win!

So if you’re ever crossing the square in the centre of town from 9pm onward, be sure to get involved – who knows what you could win to add to your visit!

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