Puerto Banus – Taste the sunshine here at Cruise Chester


Fancy a cocktail this weekend? Come join us in our stylish bar Puerto Banus, located on ground floor through past our main room Cool Britannia.

With plenty of seating, it’s a perfect room of the venue to relax with your group of guests, and choose from our selection of cocktails to spend time enjoying.

At the heart of the Costa del Sol is the legendary Puerto Banus. You may have just accidentally stumbled upon your own personal paradise so grab yourself a cocktail and soak up the Mediterranean ambiance of this bar.

The opulent design of the sun-seeker styled interior has you imagining yourself upon a yacht – drifting casually and peacefully through the oceans with not a care in the world. You’re brought back to reality only by your attention being caught by that dazzling arched skylight above; acting as a subtle gateway to prosperity in which you may utilize whenever you wish.

The atmosphere transforms at sunset with a funky house vibe, making for a great place of romantic interest. With the mood set for deep conversations and “what ifs?” why not order yourself and your partner a cocktail from our menu? Or better yet ask our mixologist to concoct a gem plucked straight from your imagination.

Key West Cooler – A cocktail that wouldn’t look out of place by the poolside. A sweet abyss of pineapple and cranberry with the tropical blend of Midori, Vodka, and Malibu beckoning your taste buds.

Long Island Ice Tea – The Mother of all blends, 5 celebrated liquors each concentrated into one drink that is obscurely refreshing. Tequila traditionally married with lemon juice as well as Vodka, White Rum, Gin & Cointreau, this is a brew that is not to be taken lightly!

Pimms No. 1 Lemonade – A classic drink concocted in “Dear Old Blighty” during the 19th century. Pimms No.1 and Lemonade complimented by a party of succulent fruits will leave you palate feeling refreshingly quenched.

Why not take your taste buds deep sea diving in search of oyster pearls? For an extra £1.50 you can locate the treasure that is Pimms Royale – which replaces lemonade with Prosecco for the more hearty adventurers out there.

– A classic for the ladies… Need we say more? Rising to fame in the 1990’s with a mix of Vodka and Cointreau that draws upon cranberry juice, gomme syrup and it’s famed flamed orange for added depth.

Margarita – This classic has been enjoyed by many throughout the years; the sweetness of Cointreau paired with the sharp tastes of Tequila will leave your taste buds screaming for “marrr”!

Mojito – (Classic, Fiery or Strawberry) A traditional Rum-based high ball, with White Rum, sugar, lime juice, sparkling water and mint being its key components. This cocktail can be traced back to the 16th century to a similar drink known as “El Draque” after Francis Drake; who was famous for circumnavigating the globe – much like Cruise.

Rum Monkey – A cruise original cocktail, for those cheeky monkeys out there. A mix of spiced Rum, pineapple juice, shaken with a banana will have you swinging from the treetops in no time!

Daiquiri – Rum, sugar, lime. Simple but effective. A classic cocktail and a favourite for many!

Zombie – The apocalypse is nigh! So why not feast on a taste-confusing, brain-numbing blend of Rums topped with Apricot brandy and pineapple to help you forget all about our impending doom.

Summer fruit Collins – The summer’s in full swing all year round with this modern twist on a classic cocktail. The sweet remastering of the Collins cocktail blends in a mouth watering cascade of summer fruits, dry gin, lemon juice, and soda to top off a perfect day of sun, specs and suspicious penchants.

Louisiana Jam – You may be south of your comfort zone at first with this cocktail but soon enough a burst of lemon and apple, complimented with apricot jam with mint, will have you jamming along with the jazz legends of Louisiana.

Moscow Mule – This little mule has a kick that the motherland itself would be proud of. The Vodka-lime combination is enhanced by bitters and ginger beer to help for an intense experience that will surely put hairs on your chest.

Porn Star Martini – A modern classic, a favourite to many. It’s really hard… to relate anything to this cocktail without sounding lewd. Vanilla Vodka and Passion Fruit Liqueur caught in intimate relations and served with a shot of Prosecco, covered only by half a passion fruit leaving little to the imagination.

Gin Martini – Enjoyed shaken or stirred why not try 007’s infamous tipple? A dry mixture of Gin and Vermouth topped off with a lemon twist interrogating your taste buds. As a spy you must swear secrecy – and this drink is vital to ensuring your missions success.

Manhattan – A classic cocktail that blends Whiskey, sweet Vermouth and a dash of Angostura bitters classically finished with a maraschino cherry. Why not take your Manhattan cocktail to our in-house Manhattan bar and boogie down like it’s 1970 again!

French 75 – Bon soir mes amis! Fun Fact! This cocktail is made up of Gin, Prosecco, lemon juice, and sugar; a combination that was said to have “such a kick that it feels like being shelled with the powerful French 75mm field gun”. Naturally this is subjective, so why not try it for yourself and see if you have a less violent way of describing it? (Disclaimer – no cocktails were shot during the making of this menu.)

Side car – From the Ritz for the rich – in taste that is. Originating in Paris at a certain hotel, this cocktail is for those who don’t mind cruising along for the ride. Kick back and have the flavours of Cognac and Cointreau chauffeur your taste buds around town.

– A Venetian delicacy with a name inspired by the arts and favoured by famous authors such as Welles and Hemingway. Prosecco escorted by the flavours of lemon zest and peach puree will leave you feeling cultered.

Negroni – This cocktail gains it’s name from co-creator count Camila Negroni, who apparently entered an Italian café and asked the bartender to make him an Americano, but instead of the traditional Vermouth, Campari and soda water, Negroni asked him to replace the soda water with Gin. The bartender garnished it with an orange peel in contrast to the Americanos lime wedge and this the Negroni was born!


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