Employee of the Month (May)


“My name is Rinalds, but I dont mind when everyone calls me Rin. Most of the time I work on Main bar, but I sometimes work on Moskva or VIP. Working at Cruise keeps me motivated, because there are always new challenges I like to succeed at. That’s how I will climb the career ladder, and become one of the managers in Cruise, and maybe one day run my own club.

When guests come to me, I like to provide the best service, because it is important to me how the guests feel. After all, better service means the customers will have an even bigger smile on their face.

My favourite bottle to offer is a bottle of Royal Dragon. Why Royal Dragon? Because Royal Dragon is very unique vodka, with very smooth taste (5 times distilled), and inside the bottle there is glass dragon which makes bottle even more interesting. As well REAL gold drops (23 carat), which obviously makes vodka more special. The guests are drinking real gold. Pretty cool.

So, if you are reading this, and decide come to Cruise, then definitely come see me on Main bar in Svenska (Middle Floor Main Room), and I will make your night better. Trust me. :)”


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