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David Dawood (born 31 December 1981), known professionally as DaWood, is a DJ/producer Songwriter. Also Known as Sonic Matta a House Producer/Dj. DaWood is best known for producing and co-writing the song “Good Times” by Roll Deep, which went to Number 1 in the UK Singles Chart and held this position for 3 weeks making it the longest reigning Number 1 of 2010.

Since the early nineties, Dawood began making beats on his school music computers. His main passion and priority has been creating music, leading to his decision to leave college in order to raise enough funds to buy studio equipment. 2001 brought Dawood his first cut; his track “Flexin” was used on the UK boy band Blue’s album ‘One Love’ – the album selling over 2 million copies worldwide. Dawood has worked closely with Tinchy Stryder and on his 2012 album entitled ‘Full Tank‘, as well as having two cuts on the album, ‘Bad Intentions’ by Dappy.

David Dawood is the musical architect behind 2010’s dance hit “Good Times” by Roll Deep featuring Jodie Connor. The single went to Number 1 in the UK Singles Chart and held this position for 3 weeks making it the longest reigning Number 1 of 2010. In 2011, Dawood produced two singles for recording artist Jodie Connor; “Now or Never” which was released in January 2011 and charted at Number 14 on the UK Singles Chart and was soon followed by another UK Top 40, “Bring It” featuring Tinchy Stryder. In 2012, Dawood produced the track “Take You There” by Jodie Connor featuring Busta Rhymes and it was released on 29 July 2012. Dawood has produced the track “Come with Me” by Dappy, which will feature on his debut studio album entitled Bad Intentions, and the track will be released worldwide on 12 August 2012. Other artists DaWood has work with, written and produced for include Kelly Rowland, Wiley, Roll Deep, Jodie connor, Dappy, Tinchy Stryder, Maxta, Alex Hepburn, Little Nikki, Namie Amuro, Lawson, Cover Drive, Cheryl Cole, Zara Larrson, Vita Chambers, Christina Millian, Blue, Nathan Sykes, 99 Souls, Stylo G, Karen Harding, (FX), M-22, Bakermat, Alex Clare, Fluer East.

DaWood is our resident Friday DJ in our main room Svenska. He plays a variety of music there however his main genres for a Friday evening are chart, house and R&B. He has been spinning the decks here at Cruise for several years, our regular customers are big fans of his work and come down weekly to come dance to his tunes & mixes!

Don’t miss DaWood play this weekend in Svenska – Our Main Room on Middle Floor! Check out his mixes here


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